Healthcare Automation

Features and Benefits


Intellisense healthcare platform integrates all aspects of healthcare to connect patients, healthcare professional, pharmacies, medical device manufacturers and service provides, and insurance companies.

Clinical workflow

Organize hospital laboratory queues effectively so that people who need to undergo multiple tests can do them effectively instead of staying in long queues for each test. Notify next drug intake timings and dosage effectively.

Emergency Care

Well informed emergency care by tapping into recent results and current medication status.

Remote Diagnostics

Perform various tests remotely, track data real-time to diagnose and start treatment.

Food compatibility

Check the bar code or QR code of the food packets to determine if the food is appropriate for the current drug intake, and health monitoring sensor's data.

Advanced Home care

Intensified healthcare at the comfort of home. All devices directly connected to the WiSe cloud to get immediate professional response

Medication Management

Track the LOT all the way from manufacturing to prevent counterfeit. Print prescription labels on BLE tags with drug, patient, pharmacy, and doctor information. BLE tags remind and track dosage and time of intake. Automatically sends drug intake information and refill orders.

Machinery Management

Monitor current status of the medical devices, track maintenance records, provide logs for diagnosis and request maintenance.

Real-time Analytics

Real-time streaming analysis to compare the status of the patient across other patient information and obtain an early diagnosis and recommendation. Also automatically analyze device data and recommend appropriate action. For example, Tim, an asthma patient uses WiSe Breath Analyzer periodically. The real-time analysis of this data can let Tim know whether to take his steroid medication to avoid an asthma attack. This eliminates the guess work on when to take the steroid medication.