Real Time Asset Tracking and Monitoring

Many operations and organizations today have a common dilemma where:

  • Assets’ visibility, security and status are not monitored or reported in real time mode
  • Inventory stock count is not automated, most are time consuming and driven by manual and visual processes
  • Asset status location and movement history are not accessible real time
We provide visibility and information entirety of an organization’s on-site assets and equipment. From location, status, and movement, details are sent via a secure, low power and proprietary wireless communication to enhance value to an organization’s critical operations and processes.

Robust and modular, the system is cost effective and designed for swift customization and deployment on any organization’s requirements.

Combined with sophisticated algorithms and enterprise application intelligence, the system delivers far reaching value add information and services to meet demands of an organization’s critical processes.

Embedded with miniature sensors, each asset tag can provide a multitude of data and alert combinations to allow all possible scenarios of asset tracking and monitoring from motion, vibration to temperature.

Real time tracking and monitoring assets wirelessly and remotely
  • Eliminate manual and visual process
  • Real time reporting of status: location, moving, idle
Controlled and monitored operations
  • Whereabouts of assets, personnel; security and its status
  • Real time visibility, traceability
Better audit of assets and operations