Real Time Personnel Traceability (Outdoor & Indoor)

The Real Time Wireless Location, Presence and Traceability provides organizations with streaming location and status information of tagged personnels within any surveyed site. The platform provides an effective visibility, traceability and monitoring support system to various types of facility operations such as in:

  • Private and Public Offices
  • High Security Government Buildings
  • Hospitals / Research Laboratories
  • Military Installations
  • Mining / Oil and Gas / Petrochemical Plants

Leveraging on a single infrastructure, either one or all of the following applications can be deployed:

  • Visitors Management System
  • Personnel (Guest/Contractor) Location Tracking and Monitoring System
  • Security Access Control Management System
  • Time and Attendance Management System
  • Safety and Evacuation Assistance System

The technology is built on an ultra low power design architecture with robust proprietary communication, providing years of use from a single coin battery, while reaching beyond 100 meters with two-way wireless communication. Small sensors on the tag provide complementary intelligence on a personnel from movement, speed, to ambient temperature sensing, and the sophisticated triangulation algorithm supports location and zone base information of the personnel.

Location Tracking and Monitoring System

Visitor A: Current location is 34th floor – Sephia Room

Contractor B: Tracking History
34th floor – Conference Room – Time: 0755am
34th floor – Exit – Time: 0958am
36th floor – Corridor – Time: 1001am

Employee C: Current location is UNAVAILABLE
Last Seen: Ground East Corridor – Time: 0941am

Work Area Headcount Monitoring System

Total On-Site Headcount: 206 people

Headcount at Emergency Assembly Area: 204 people

Still Unaccounted: 2 people
Person A – Current location is Machinery Storage 1
Person B – Current location is Compressor Room 3

Additionally, through the rules and triggers module organizations can apply policies to individual tags to alert and to respond toward every behaviour or movement. Configurable over-the-air, flags can be raised according to each organization’s processes or procedures.

  • Entrance/Exit: A person has entered (or exited) a zone or passed by a specific checkpoint.
  • Dwell/Absence: A person has remained within (or been absent from) a zone for too long.
  • Unauthorized Access: A person has been located in an unauthorized Level 1 security area.
  • Workflow: A person has proceeded from one location to another in an incorrect order.