Retail Beacons – Location Based Advertisement

Features and Benefits

Wireless update

Update prices securely using WiSe Mesh from local or remote servers and provide status of the updates.

Customer Engagement

A long pending opportunity to interact with customers more effectively by real time change of prices and offers on electronic shelf labels (ESL), real time improvement of loyalty programs by personalizing their offers and suggestions, real time tracking of cart content to provide suggestions.

Location Services

To locate and get directions to products using ESL as beacons.

Complete management solution

Provides complete secure on-premise and/or cloud solution with granular roles and rights to

  • Add, provision ESL devices, group and tag them and manage their data
  • Do advance search of products and ESL devices by name, category, price, location, bar code, QR code or any other product attributes
  • Generate trend reports on ESL update times and update frequencies, and analyze it with sale data
  • Over the air update
  • Bulk or single device updates
  • Schedule prices based on receivable management
  • Cloud to cloud connectivity to manage suppliers/vendors and volume buyers